Kevin and Walker | E4 7 March 2013

Will and Ash try to find whatever it was that Kevin dropped into the river during the night. 

Kevin and Walker | E4 6 March 2013

NOTE: Okay, so for context you need to know that Will-the-creep has given Texas the giant-ass brooch with a camera in it that she is wearing to enable him to spy on her …

SUMMARY: Walker tells Kevin to dispose of Maxine’s body in the river.


Ste, John Paul & Doug | E4 19 Feb 2013

A flirtation between Doug and John Paul irks Ste. (Worth it alone for Ste’s impression!)

Ste, Amy, Ally and Will | E4 31 July 2012

The Savage family wait to hear if Grace has come through for Will. And Ally puts a dampener on Amy’s plans for her career.

Will, Ally and Ash | E4 30 July 2012

Ash and Ally try to convince Grace to be a witness in Will’s defence.

Will & Ally | E4 27 July 2012

Will and Ally track down the girl who can provide Will with an alibi for the time of Lynsey’s murder.

Brendan Brady | E4 25 July 2012

Brendan interrogates Sampson’s footman for information on his enemy’s next move.
And Ally pays a visit to the Savage’s boat, keen to let Will know what he learned from Ash about him.


Ally and Ash | E4 23 July 2012

Ash talks to Ally about Will’s alibi.


Will, Ste, Amy & Ally | E4 20 July 2012

Will tries to find Grace, the girl he was following at the time of Lynsey’s murder. And Ste is suspicious of Ally’s motives for the street patrols he has initiated.


Will and Ash | E4 19 July 2012

Ash is shocked as she learns more about Will and what he has been up to.


Brendan Brady | E4 16 July 2012

Brendan confesses to Cheryl why he’s so set on protecting her and she is destroyed by his revelation. Will struggles for acceptance in the village after being branded a murderer. 


Brendan Brady | E4 13 July 2012

Cheryl returns from Ireland and Brendan asks Walker to protect her while he is at the club.
Will tries to explain himself to Dodger.


Brendan Brady | E4 12 July 2012

Walker feeds into Brendan’s paranoia about Sampson. And Will breaks down faced with the reality of what he has done and where that has left him.


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