"I used to wanna be superman…" begins Brendan’s opening monologue to Hollyoaks Later and with the news this week of Emmett appearing in comic book movie Guardians of the Galaxy I thought it was an appropriate choice. This first episode of Hollyoaks Later kicks off a cinematic looking series where Brendan’s darkness and the root of his trauma is fully revealed. Worth a rewatch alone if only for the brilliant opening sequence (and the black humour of his Stupid Cupid dance).

This episode features one of my favourite Emmett performances where Brendan, distraught at losing Lynsey, unleashes a tirade against Joel and smashes up the club. Later him and Walker try and track down Samson, with Brendan believing him to be the one who murdered Lynsey. There are some lovely but sad Brendan and Cheryl scenes too.

It’s been a whole year since the incredible series of Hollyoaks Later aired in 2012. It was a week that changed everything and if you haven’t done so already, it’s worth watching the whole week again (click here for the playlist). Today’s #BBFlashbackFriday showcases, in my opinion, some of Emmett’s greatest work in the scenes with Nana Flo. Brendan sunk to the darkest depths in this week but it was the scenes with Nana when the horrific truth of his childhood became known, which made the series, I thought.

The beginning of the end for Brendan. This episode saw him try and get Cheryl and Ste to safety in the knowledge that Walker was back and out for him. The heartbreaking standout scene between Brendan and Ste through the deli door is one of the many reasons why Emmett and Kieron so deserve their best partnership award - incredibly emotional and difficult scene beautifully portrayed. Not for the faint hearted.  

The controversial episode that’s made countless headlines this week (ridiculous!), five months after it aired, sees Brendan and Walker’s final showdown. A fantastically tense and worthy conclusion to Walker and Brendan’s life-changing feud. Walker’s death is one to be remembered and I love the car chase before it as well as opening sequence which sees Brendan stand out on the flat balcony contemplatively in the wake of Walker’s hostage situation. 

One of the best episodes in 2012 saw Brendan and Walker take over a whole episode giving us almost a 30 minute movie where all Walker’s secrets were revealed. Worth a rewatch alone for Brendan’s action hero style running and the infamous stick-on beard for the prison flashbacks.

To celebrate 3 years since Brendan’s arrival in Hollyoaks, this video has a clip from every single Brendan episode from the start. The first two parts are made from my old Brendannivery videos 1 and 2. 340 episodes of Hollyoaks and 6 spin off episodes (King of Hearts/Hollyoaks Later) making a massive 346 episodes in total.

Aug 5th 2013 - three years since Brendan’s arrival

- a screencap for every month 

With everyone waiting with anticipation for news of Emmett’s new project, here’s the introduction of new feature Flashback Friday - posting a classic Brendan episode every Friday - for a quick blast of Double B entertainment at the start of the weekend. Feel free to comment, reblog, tweet with #BBFlashbackFriday.

Today’s video E4 24th September

In the wake of Brendan’s physical injury and emotional torment from Nana’s beach house, he rests in hospital with three visitors bearing all kinds of bad news. Cheryl is forced to confront the reality that she watched Brendan chop up a corpse, Ste has news to make Brendan’s day even worse and Walker reveals exactly who he is - must see scenes!

The A to Z of Brendan Brady

Months back, before he left our screens, I asked for ideas for an A - Z, so here, finally, is some of the best ideas for an A to Z of our favourite and sorely missed Brendan Brady.

From well over 300 tweets of #BrendanMemories I made this to celebrate so many of Brendan’s most memorable and favourite moments. And what great memories they are.

From well over 300 tweets of #BrendanMemories I made this to celebrate so many of Brendan’s most memorable and favourite moments. And what great memories they are.

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