Doug Boxing Day Special | E4 23 Dec 2011

Doug decides to end it all, but is often a second chance when Angel Stephanie de la Dean appears. Doug sees how life in Hollyoaks would change if he hadn’t been around. It’s a Wonderful Life tribute. Brendan features in this alternate reality, using Ricky to push drugs instead of Doug.


Episode Downloads: August 2010

As promised the rest of the episodes from August 2010 including one which is not on Dailymotion so might be new to some! I apologise if any of the links in this post or the last post appear to be broken or not working - I can assure you that they will work eventually - there are possibly times when the site is down or being a pain but I’ve doubled checked and they all work :). Hope you enjoy the videos!

Here is part one of the August 2010 downloads.

August 23rd 2010 DOWNLOAD

Cheryl gossips about the Costellos to Brendan in the shop and he gives her the good idea to sponsor Steph’s charity walk. Veronica “accidentally” bumps into them and tries to blackmail Brendan.

August 24th 2010 DOWNLOAD

Veronica tries to claim her money from Brendan but he refuses to give it to her. To try and get her way, she “rescues” Cheryl from an attacker and continue to blackmail and threaten Brendan.

August 25th 2010 DOWNLOAD

Lynsey inherits £20,000 from a relative and Brendan offers to help her “invest” the money and Malachy is suspicious. Still needing money to pay Veronica, Brendan sees an opportunity with the cancer charity fund and breaks into Chez Chez to steal the cash.

August 26th 2010 DOWNLOAD

Brendan burns the clothes he wore to rob the club but gets to the club to be the protective big brother to Cheryl, under Mal’s watchful eye. Veronica continues to threaten and Malachy tries to prove that Brendan’s up to no good.

August 27th 2010 DOWNLOAD

Malachy warns Brendan he’s watching and he follows Brendan around the village. As the charity walk begins, Brendan gives the keys to the car to Veronica where the charity money is stored but tips Carmel off that his keys have been stolen. Carmel recognises Veronica as the woman who stole from Evissa and the McQueens and arrests her but has to take the charity money as evidence. Brendan and Chez Chez offers to give her money until they can get the sponsorship back. Mal is angry that it was a set up.

August 30th 2010 DOWNLOAD

Brendan comes back from the gym and him and Malachy continue to wind each other up for the rest of the day. When Mercedes shows up at the club Brendan flirts with her and uses it to wind up Mal.

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