Bit of a classic. Brendan is back in town after falling out with Cheryl and realising Ste has “moved on” with Noah (yeah right). Warren is characteristically pissed at his return and looks to get revenge after Brendan stole his money. Warren threatens to expose his secret and hurt his ‘precious little Steven’. Brendan does something no one saw coming… 

"My name is Brendan Seamus Brady from North Dublin, and this is my final confession." - March 2013

Chosen for purely selfish reasons this is one of my favourite Brendan episodes of all time where we got to see a really vulnerable side to him, which at the time was pretty rare. Features another famous tea scene with Amy and one of the best Ste and Brendan kisses as Brendan forces himself to say goodbye to Ste.

As it’s Valentine’s Day I thought it was only fair to choose something especially lovely and romantic, so of course it’s the very heart-melting episode where Brendan and Ste bake bread together and Brendan promises him “the future he deserves”. In true Stendan style the blissful happiness is short lived with Walker and Kevin plotting to ruin Brendan (sob) but still, it was perfect while it lasted. Happy Day of Lurrrve!

Merry Christmas and a festive Flashback Friday. Brendan struggles in his dad’s presence in the village but he makes the most of his new family life with Ste and the kids for a happier Christmas. It’s a rare moment of contentment for Brendan and a joy to watch.

One of THE best episodes ever and finally a happy Christmas (ish) for Brendan. Everyone knows it’s been a year since these wonderful Dublin episodes but I don’t know about you, but I’ll never tire of watching them. It was Brendan and Ste as we’d never seen them: a fully fledged couple. Talking, (actual talking!) having fun and being as passionate and in love as we’ve always known them. From the sexy six-thirty bed scenes, to the city montage to the incredible pub scene, which went beyond all expectations of soap, this episode deserves at least one rewatch a year on. And if you want to pretend it was a completely happy Christmas just pause before the end!

1 Year Since Dublin
Well, what do you wanna do today? Because Dublin is our oyster.

[18/25] advent calendar 

Emmett Scanlan Fans advent calendar. A picture every day in the run up to Christmas.

[18/25] advent calendar 

Emmett Scanlan Fans advent calendar. A picture every day in the run up to Christmas.

Three Christmases ago, before smashing Danny Houston to death with a hammer, Brendan took a very surprising trip - somewhere at the time we never expected him to venture - a date in a gay bar! Of course, it went about as smoothly as a stubbly kiss but he tried to make the effort to satisfy Ste’s desire to be a ‘proper couple’. A bit of hand holding and sight of a snogging couple had him running back to Ireland, but a B+ for effort? I love this episode. It’s tense and awkward and you can feel Brendan’s discomfort.

A firm favourite for many fans, this episode sees Brendan try and keep his two lives separate. Having just committed to Ste with those three little words, he comes face to face with his ex-wife Eileen and guess what? She’s bringing his son to stay. Brendan’s torn in two by his secrets making desperate promises to keep Ste, but faced with the threat of losing his family. Brendan’s anguish and torment is always a joy to watch; Emmett Scanlan rips your heart in two by the end. 

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