Soaplife Magazine Exit Spoilers

For those trying to avoid spoilers, I’ve uploaded the scans to Tinypic (links below). Thanks again to @trixie_ayla for the scans.

Article 1 - Page 1 | Page 2

Article 2 - Page 1 | Page 2

Two Weeks Revealed

Emmett Scanlan Exit Interview | Soaplife

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(thanks to @trixie_ayla for the scans)

#BrendansLastDance: Walker’s Warning

Tune in to Brendan Brady’s final week Hollyoaks, starting 18th March ‘13 at 6.30pm on C4

Brendan’s exit - Spoiler pictures and information.

Huge spoilers and images under the Read More.

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Brendan Brady Spoiler: Final Week Episode 1 (E4 15 March/C4 18 March)

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Spoilers: (Brendan’s final week) 18th - 22nd March

Brendan’s final week, basic daily spoilers. Nothing massively detailed revealed.

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