Brendan Brady | E4 2 Oct 2012

Brendan’s day from hell gets worse when Walker’s plan B comes into play.

(Some Riley scenes included for context)



Brendan Brady | E4 21 Aug 2012

The village react to Browning’s arrest for Lynsey’s murder and Cheryl forgives Brendan.

Just Brendan bits and download

Texas and Will | E4 10 July 2012

Will is questioned over Lynsey’s murder. And Doctor Browning has a warning for Mercedes.


Spoilers: 23 July - 26 July

Monday, July 23

 Ally’s behaviour makes Ste suspicious, while Will struggles to prove his innocence. 

Tuesday, July 24

Riley is forced to confront life when Cheryl delivers some home truths, but he isn’t prepared for Mitzeee’s news. 

Wednesday, July 25

Cheryl refuses to forgive Brendan, while Carmel struggles to leave the safety of her home. And Ash asks Martha to cover her shift at Chez Chez, but will Martha be able to stay away from the booze?

Thursday, July 26

Ally makes amends with the Savages, but not before making several revelations. And Brendan determines to put a stop to Sampson.

Brendan Brady | E4 3 July 2012 (YouTube version)

Part Two here.

There will be a DailyMotion and download available soon but for now you can view these. Sharing now so you don’t have to wait until I post it in the morning! As usual you can always check here for yourself whilst I am sleeping! :D

Brendan Brady | E4 29 June 2012

Brendan, Cheryl and the rest of Lynsey’s friends struggle to make sense of what’s happened in the wake of her death.


Brendan Brady | E4 27 June 2012

Lynsey tries to find out more about Ally and warns Brendan of his connection to Walker.
And an old adversary of Brendan rocks up in town.


Brendan Brady | E4 26 June 2012

When Mitzeee is accused of stabbing Mercedes she turns to Brendan for help.


Brendan Brady | E4 20 June 2012

Mainly a Riley and Mitzeee episode but with some Brendan, Ste and Doug exchanges mixed in. Doug tells Brendan some home truths.


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