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It’s been approximately forever since I answered questions so here are a few recent ones. Sorry for being lazy and taking forever. The best way to get a quick response is through Twitter. As always, check the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Your questions answered by me!

I’ve categorised the questions this time in order to make them easier to find a useful answer.

This comment might be helpful to those wanting to download videos from DailyMotion.

I’ve just read so many questions to you about downloading your videos & maybe I can help those who ask. There is a programme called ‘JDownloader’ you can get for free. You copy the link of the video you’d like into the programme and there you go. It’s more than easy! I don’t like to explain everything in detail, because English isn’t my mother tongue & I don’t want to confuse anybody :D Just try & find out - It’ll work :)

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Anonymous: Oh no! I hate to say it, but this new layout is quite confusing. I can't scroll down to see what you've written with the whole 'welcome to the fansite of...' - when I scroll down, I only see what you've blogged. And I need to zoom out loads to actually be able to see the whole picture. And how do I navigate to say... 'kisses' gifs? I love the last site because I knew exactly where to find everything. If I wanted to find a gif of lollipop for example now... how would I?

It can be difficult to tweak when I only have access to my screen size and not everyone else’s but hopefully we’ll get there. I know change can be hard to get used to.

Everything is exactly where it was in terms of tags, in fact I’ve added more. The complete, categorised tag list is here. Kisses are in the same place

If you wanted to find a lollipop gif, you could look through the gif tag, or use the Archive to navigate to say March 2011 where there is definitely lollipop gifs!

Your Questions and comments

If your question hasn’t been answered, it’s probably because it’s been answered before or the answer involves wild speculation on my part which will get us nowhere!! Anyway here is as many questions answered as I could.

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Your questions and comments answered by me

I had a huge backlog of these - sorry for taking forever to answer. 

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Anonymous: How many times have you voted for emmett? i can only vote twice because i only have two email adresses x

So far with all seven of my email addresses. I’m sure I can persuade some friends and family. Maybe even make the fish in my pond an email address? ;)

Anonymous: Now that it has been confirmed that Emmett is leaving Hollyoaks will u still be running his fan page

Of course. Try and stop me. It’s a pleasure to run a site in tribute to someone as wonderful as Emmett. 

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