Hollyoaks Podcast - Episode 1


Here is the first episode of the new fanmade Hollyoaks Podcast. If you would like to get involved next week send me a message. Hope you enjoy the first episode:


Great chat about this week’s episodes Brendan, Doug, Ste and Brendan/Walker! Have a listen. 

The HollyPod Episode Five


Here is Episode Five of the Unofficial Fan-made Hollyoaks Podcast: 


Here is the voting form for the first 5 catagories of the HollyPod Awards:

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The HollyPod Episode Four


The Unofficial Hollyoaks Fan Podcast Episode Four:


If you want to send in your opinion on the “Topic of the Week” or simply comment on this weeks episodes please reply on the “Ask me Anything” button at the top of http://thehollypod.tumblr.com/

This week the brilliant HollyPod wants your input on the Free Brendan campaign - any slogan ideas?! And the topic of discussion for next week is favourite Hollyoaks couples - do Stendan make your list? Drop a comment in The HollyPod “Ask Me Anything” box!

Hollypod - The Hollyoaks Podcast

I tweeted about this last week when the first episode was released but if you love Brendan and Hollyoaks then I really couldn’t recommend this podcast enough! Includes clips from the show, episode chat and opinions from listeners.


Created by the brilliant HiddenAway from DigitalSpy

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