Anonymous: When is Breakdown out?

The official website says the edit is underway, so hopefully we’ll hear about it soon.

Anonymous: what is 'Suspects' and what is Emmett's role in it?

From the Channel 5 Suspects website

Shot in the style of a fly on-the-wall documentary, Suspects is unscripted, with the cast devising their own dialogue based on a detailed plot description.

Set in London, each episode is a self-contained story, starting with a news report, then following the team of three detectives as they investigate the circumstances the crime. The cases themselves are hard-hitting with contemporary themes.

The first series aired with very positive reviews in the press (like this one) and the cast is headed by Fay Ripley, Damien Molony and Clare-Hope Ashitey.

Judging by filming photos it looks like Emmett is playing a solicitor. The improvised dialogue will have made for a new acting experience for him so I’m excited to see it when it airs.

Anonymous: Have you any news about Personal Appearance ?

I haven’t, sorry. I can guarantee as soon as I know anything I’ll post about it! (I’m eager to see it again myself). At the premiere Toby Everett said the difficulty in releasing the DVD/downloads was that if it leaked online then it would be ineligible to enter any film festivals - so I think they were holding out for a while. In the meantime I’m sure if you tweet Toby he might be able to let you know.

Anonymous: is it just me or is big top filmed in chezchez?

It’s not just you - it was filmed there! :)

"You’ve got Emmett Scanlan in [Charlie Casanova], giving an iconic performance. But Scanlan’s such a hateful prick as Charlie that you think it’s him, you think it’s real. Yet he’s one of the hardest working, most magnificent, blokes you could ever meet."

— Terry McMahon mentions Emmett in an interview on Charlie Casanova and Patrick’s Day (via empathist)

Once Upon A Time In Dublin (Three Crosses) Trailer (2009)

The violent story of Jay and Jonnie Linski (Emmett Scanlan), two Polish-Irish brothers who try to come to terms with the brutal murder of their youngest sibling, Danny. The story follows the terrible hallucinatory visions that haunt bare-knuckle fighter Jonnie, as he battles with his own demons and a personal investigation into those responsible for the killing. As all his close relationships begin to crumble about him, he plunges head-long into a violent chain of events that will leave murder and mayhem following closely on his heels.

Available for DVD pre-order on Amazon US 

We talk to Emmet J. Scanlan about Hollyoaks, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and The Fall

In depth article where Emmett discusses the past year and future projects, definitely worth a read.

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