Series two of BBC Three drama In The Flesh airing first week of May

In The Flesh returning to BBC Three: Series 2's secrets revealed

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'3Crosses” (2010) has been picked up for distribution and is being released in the USA and Canada on DVD this June 17th 2014. They have changed the name to ”Once Upon a Time in Dublin” for US audiences. The film can be pre-ordered on (Region Free) DVD at Amazon via the following link:

In The Flesh Series 2 | More information about Emmett Scanlan’s “Simon”

Summary of new information from this month’s SFX magazine

  • Emmett’s character Simon died of a heroin overdose and coming back to life has given him a new purpose in life. He’s got a new sense of pride and his new identity makes him believe in something greater than himself.
  • He has spurned the cover-up make-up and encouraged his lover Amy (Emily Bevan) to do the same. They met when she left Roarton and she returns with him. He’s had a big effect on her.
  • Simon has a different look on humanity because he was one of the first few of the undead to be captured and experimented on. Emmett wears a piece on his back that is covered in scars with skin stapled together. Those scars affect how he sees the world and interacts with others.* 

* I’ve seen pictures of Emmett’s make-up on his spine and it took hours in the make up chair and is very gruesome but amazing to look at, especially where the spine hasn’t been stapled together well! It looks pretty horrific if that is the result of him being experimented on.

"In The Flesh" In The Flesh Series 1 & 2 (DVD) at BBC Shop

Pre-order the DVD at the link above. Due for release on the 26th May, meaning that it’s likely to be aired mid April on BBC Three.

Shoot starts on Breakdown

Principal photography has commenced on Breakdown.

Written and directed by Jonnie Malachi, the psychological thriller follows a professional contract killer who, haunted by visions of his violent past, is forced to defend his family from his ruthless employers.

The film stars Craig Fairbrass, James Cosmo, Olivia Grant, Emmett Scanlan and Tamer Hassan.

Luke Fairbrass is producing for Screen 360 and commented: “I feel very fortunate to be working on such a quality script for my debut feature. A resonating story mixed with strong commercial appeal makes this perfectly placed for mainstream audiences.”

The shoot will take place on location in and around London and Essex, with a trailer available for Cannes.

Worldwide rights are available.

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