Really funny episode as Brendan is forced to meet his fake girlfriend Mitzeee’s mum for lunch. Trish is an even worse cook than Brendan! Cheryl shows up and adds an extra element of disaster to the meal. This is a really fun watch.

Things are going great for Brendan and Ste, ‘playfighting’, eating cereal straight out the box. Brendan even decides after a chat with Mitzeee that he’s too happy to seek and destroy Walker. Even Kevin and Doug buzzing around can’t stop that, until Amy arrives and ruins it all.

Bit of a classic. Brendan is back in town after falling out with Cheryl and realising Ste has “moved on” with Noah (yeah right). Warren is characteristically pissed at his return and looks to get revenge after Brendan stole his money. Warren threatens to expose his secret and hurt his ‘precious little Steven’. Brendan does something no one saw coming… 

This episode took the Brendan and Mitzeee friendship to a new place as she ran to him for help confused and distraught about Mercedes. The scene in the car where Brendan hands Mitzeee over to the police instead of helping her run away from her accused crimes is really powerful. This was the beginning of a huge week for Brendan, Lynsey was murdered just days later.

This is a real classic episode where we first ever heard the term “Britzeee”. Mitzeee gets hassled by a photography (Joey “The Snaps” Benton) leaving Brendan and Warren to sort it in their own special way. Mitzeee’s  blackmail doesn’t last long and she sees the similarities between her and Brendan. A new friendship, and probably the closest friend he will ever have, is formed. Great funny moments as well as some great touching scenes.

This is a great episode that I’d almost forgotten about. Brendan’s under pressure with Pete’s arrival, terrified he’s going to spill his secrets. He also has Rae on his back who threats to expose his sexuality to Warren if he doesn’t leave Ste alone. It all gets a bit much when everyone surrounds him in the club and after warning Ste that Pete’s not to be trusted (and some classic face touching) he comes up with a plan to get rid of Rae.

Christmas 2011 Brendan’s priority was a bit of Fox hunting - getting Warren out of his life for good. This episode begins with  Brendan decorating the club tree with a moustachioed fairy on top - he loves his tacky decorations. Britzeee team up to take down Warren and as always their bond is a joy to watch.

Three words you’re happy to hear on a Friday: Stendan, Broxy, Britzeee. This whole period was Hollyoaks gold as far as I’m concerned. Brendan and Mitzeee reveal to the world that they’re now a couple, much to Ste and Cheryl’s horror. Brilliance ensues. Add in Brendan terrorising hapless Lee Hunter and you’ve got a true classic Brendan episode. Contains a tash joke, one about murder and one about ‘positions’. What more could you want? 

Broxy team up to talk skincare routines and unnerve Dodger, thinking he has their money. Brendan knows a lot about pulmonary arteries and moisturiser and treats us to a verse of the Bones song. A fun slice of Broxy history.

I’m picking this episode purely for selfish reasons because it’s one of my absolute favourites. The whole Danny murder reveal week was excellent: dark and twisted. Beautifully directed too. This episode was the first time Brendan gave any real indication of how he felt about Ste to his face, although it couldn’t have come at a worse time. And then just at the end Brendan goes to pay Foxy a visit for revenge…

To celebrate 3 years since Brendan’s arrival in Hollyoaks, this video has a clip from every single Brendan episode from the start. The first two parts are made from my old Brendannivery videos 1 and 2. 340 episodes of Hollyoaks and 6 spin off episodes (King of Hearts/Hollyoaks Later) making a massive 346 episodes in total.

E4 February 2nd 2011 - Brendan and Ste get caught by Rae

An absolute classic episode - one of the best I think! It has everything - interactions with lots of characters, some brilliant humour (Brendan and Ste surrounded by girls in underwear and totally uninterested), early hints about Seamus Brady and Stendan caught in a sexy office clinch. 

The A to Z of Brendan Brady

Months back, before he left our screens, I asked for ideas for an A - Z, so here, finally, is some of the best ideas for an A to Z of our favourite and sorely missed Brendan Brady.

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