Monday marks three years since the first appearance of Brendan Brady on our screens, so what better choice than his first ever episode. With a tinier tash and a trademark leather jacket, Brendan greeted half sister Cheryl warmly, telling her the sad tale of his wife cheating on him (yeah right). There was even a mention of their dad - much later revealed to be the monster in his life: Seamus Brady.

Brendan Brady's first episode (and Aug 2010 episodes)

I’ve begun uploading Brendan’s first few episodes from August 2010 onto the DailyMotion page. There’s only one video up so far but I’ll be uploading more over the next few days/weeks. 

Hope you enjoy!

Ste Hay and Doug Carter | E4 6 Dec 2012

Doug’s parents pay a visit to Hollyoks with a proposal for their son and his new family.

Brendan Brady | E4 30 Nov 2012

Brendan talks to Mitzeee ahead of her day in court at Mercedes’s trial.

Brendan Brady | E4 22 Oct 2012

Ste supports Brendan as Lynsey’s body is brought back to the village in preparation for her funeral. And Doctor Browning is in court to enter his plea.


Brendan Brady | E4 21 Aug 2012

The village react to Browning’s arrest for Lynsey’s murder and Cheryl forgives Brendan.

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More detailed spoilers for next week

(Channel 4 dates)

Mon 6th August

Amy is resolved to move on after her split with Ally. However, Ste is shocked when Amy makes a move on him following a drunken night out with Michaela!

Tues 7th August

Amy is humiliated as Ste questions her recent behaviour. As she begins to sober up, Amy decides it’s time to make a few changes - she’s going to leave Hollyoaks. 

Also today, Leanne’s attempts to help out Doug at the deli backfire when it’s broken into and trashed after she leaves the door open - or does she?

Weds 8th August

Elsewhere, Ste says a tearful goodbye to Amy.

Also today, Leanne tries to win back her friends, while Brendan is shocked by an unexpected visitor…

Thurs 9th August

Following an anonymous tip off, Mercedes finds herself facing some tough questions from the police about Lynsey’s murder. Will she get anyone to corroborate her alibi? 

Elsewhere, Ste is missing his kids. He grows increasingly frustrated when it seems that Doug doesn’t understand him and turns to an old acquaintance for comfort. At the same time, Doug has a shock when his parents turn up unexpectedly! 

Also today, Mitzeee is struggling to cope with prison life, while Brendan is horrified to learn that Declan is in deep trouble.

Fri 10th August

Elsewhere, Brendan is more determined than ever to teach Sampson a lesson once and for all, as he plans to scupper Sampson’s big drug deal. He’s unaware that Sampson isn’t the one he should be worried about, it’s someone much closer to home…

Texas and Will | E4 10 July 2012

Will is questioned over Lynsey’s murder. And Doctor Browning has a warning for Mercedes.


Texas V Silas | E4 5 July 2012

Texas agrees to help by the police by visiting Silas at his secure psychiatric facility.

Brendan Brady | E4 3 July 2012

The villagers are angry with Texas for telling the papers about a possible Silas connection to Lynsey’s murder. Meanwhile, Ste is a friend and a support to Brendan and Cheryl.


Brendan Brady | E4 29 June 2012

Brendan, Cheryl and the rest of Lynsey’s friends struggle to make sense of what’s happened in the wake of her death.


Brendan Brady | E4 28 June 2012

Lynsey discovers Merecedes’ obsession. Joel is kidnapped. Brendan is robbed. And someone loses their life.

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