Spoiler Round Up (7th Nov onwards)

From Digital Spy:

Wed 7th

Meanwhile, with Brendan struggling with his inner demons, he seeks refuge in unfamiliar surroundings. 

Thurs 8th

Also today, Brendan tentatively tries to reconnect with Cheryl, but can she trust him?

Fri 9th

Also today, will Brendan ever stop running from the people he loves? Or has he changed for good?

From Inside Soap:

Lessons in Love: Read here, here and here (thanks proudofkieron)

From TV Times:

Snippet from TV Times here 

From Digiguide:

Monday 12th November, E4: On the morning of the wedding, Ste makes a shocking discovery.

Tuesday 13th November, E4: A catastrophic accident threatens to destroy lives in the village, while Doug still can’t let go of the past.

Wednesday 14th November, E4: As the aftermath of the accident ensues, Hollyoaks falls into disrepair. Things are put in perspective for many in the village, but how much longer can the truth stay buried?


Brendan continues to drive a wedge between Ste and Doug, prompting Doug to approach the police with an offer to help them bring down Brendan for good…

Twitter rumours:

  • Jay Duffy and Rachel Doherty (Declan and Eileen Brady) rumoured to be filming again for Hollyoaks. Jay spotted at Lime. Emmett filmed at Liverpool South Parkway Station.

Kieron Richardson DigitalSpy interview.

News Summary (10 July - 22 July)

Hollyoaks - Brendan Brady

  • The Bradys returned to Hollyoaks and with it came more grief for the pair of them as Cheryl realised her brother may have played a part in Lynsey’s death. Incredible performances from Bronagh and Emmett. There is a lot to catch up with the Silas and Will Savage stories and you can watch it all here.
  • Emmett is up for three awards at the Inside Soap Awards. It’s a public vote and last year Emmett managed to pick up Best Newcomer so let’s make him a winner two years running. Vote.
  • Emmett’s been very busy filming on location with Bronagh Waugh, Neil Newbon, Jorgie Porter and Andrew Still for Hollyoaks Later. They’ve done night shoots as well as filming in the day at Pleasureland in Southport. You can see backstage photos here and photos and tweets here. It looks like in one of the photos that Emmett has blood on his hands…!
  • According to Twitter Hollyoaks Later airs from 17th - 21st September on E4 at 10pm. Hopefully this will be confirmed officially soon.
  • Emmett tweeted about having filmed something very dark this week too.
  • There was a nice little interview with StarPlus where Emmett talked about acting and also a little bit about Jay Duffy.

Charlie Casanova

  • Charlie Casanova is available to pre-order on DVD from Amazon here. It’s released on the 15th October. 

Emmett Scanlan says it’s good to be bad

Actor Emmett Scanlan has no problem being continually cast as the bad boy as he reckons that he has the face of a d**khead.

Emmett, 32, has developed a huge following on Hollyoaks as the sociopath Brendan Brady and he doesn’t mind being continually offered dark roles.

He said: “I have got a d**khead face. I was born with a d**khead face. It’s that kind of face you look at and go ‘He’s a d**khead”.

"My dad has one, I have one, his dad’s dad had one. I think it’s just a Scanlan thing. I certainly didn’t look in the mirror and go ‘Yeah that’s a romantic lead’ because I’m not.

"To be fair I just finished a series for the BBC called The Fall and I was a good guy in that, I was a cop. The only other time I played a good guy was when I was cast in The Clinic.

"I like to play both. I don’t worry about getting typecast as the bad guy, I just worry about not being cast."

Emmett broke into Hollywood after taking part in the RTE series Hollywood Trials and went on to work on the Justin Timberlake produced series The Phone.

His recent movie Charlie Casanova raised a lot of eyebrows and now Hollywood has sat up and taken notice of the cheeky Dubliner.

There is even a comparison being drawn with fellow Dub and current Hollywood hunk, Colin Farrell.

Farrell too burst onto the scene on TV after appearing in BBC’s Ballykissangel before making it big Stateside.

And just this week, Emmett was nominated for Best Soap Actor in the TV Choice awards in the UK.

And with the BBC series The Fall also in the bag things are looking extremely bright for his future.

He said: “To act alone is hilarious. To get on set and play make believe, which kids do on a daily basis, and you get paid for it as well. There’s nothing I love more than being on set and playing.

"Playing with the director, the crew, your fellow castmates and being a different character. i have the best craic when I’m on set. I’m more myself than I am at the end of the day when I’m on set. Without it I don’t know what I’d do.

"Every single day I get to walk on set. I get to walk to work everyday and do what I love. Growing up I watched Rocky and I always wanted to be a hero even if it was for pretend."

Emmett’s character Brendan is currently involved in a tricky storyline in Hollyoaks as he recently found the body of nurse Lynsey Nolan.

And things are also set to get interesting for the character as his son, played by Keith Duffyís son Jay, is making a comeback this summer.

Emmett is friends with the former Boyzone star and has promised to keep an eye on Jay when he is away from home.
He said: “I’ve known Keith for a long time. Jay is a beautiful kid. I look after him and take him under my wing. He plays my son in it and he’s old enough to come over without a chaperone. He’s on his Toblerone coming over for a couple of weeks. That must be making Keith’s blood levels rise a little bit. I wish I could say don’t worry I’ll take control of it but that’s probably going to make his rise even more.”

Spoiler snippets from today!

I’ve not got around to buying Inside Soap yet or the Yearbook (which has a bigger version of the topless shot Emmett did for Buzz magazine!) but this collection of spoilers and Twitter teasers today was too good not to post. Thank you mysteriouslman for compiling these:

Emmett, Kieron and Jay on set most of the day

The director said: @Jay_Duffy96 made me cry today….

Jay said: Drained after today! Challenging day!

Emmett said:  Today is a make or break day… This, of Brendan’s many faces is the most mentally ****in draining.. And then:  Sometimes in acting life surprises you… Today was that day…

And then from Inside Soap, we learned the following:

  • * “There’s some hard-hitting stuff coming up. I thought it was quite daring actually.”
  • * Black comedy with Broxy
  • * Acting with some of the new characters
  • * Later in the year someone will come into Brendan’s life who is vicious.

News Summary (24 Oct - 31 Oct)

Hollyoaks - Brendan Brady

  • Whilst Silas causes havoc in the village (if you didn’t see Friday’s E4 shocker then you have to watch tonight) Brendan is still locked up. We did of course see resident Bart McQueen don a tache and a suit for Halloween and do his best Double B bottle throwing - but it just did not compare! But if you’re missing the real deal as much as me, then Brendan’s back very soon on screen and is mentioned in episode spoilers from this coming Friday 4th November.
  • You can read all the latest spoilers here about Brendan’s plan to get revenge on Warren and trash his cell and for those of us who are still wanting to FREE BRENDAN then this spoiler might give us some hope!
  • Certainly all the spoilers seem to building up to a huge war between Brendan and Warren, leading to Warren’s exit where Foxy has even been seen filming with a gun! Yikes.
  • Big news this week is that Jay Duffy, better known as Bieber-faced, kickabout fan Declan Brady, is returning to Hollyoaks. Jay is filming at the moment for a short stint which will probably air around Christmas time. This should be an interesting time for Brendan after having a difficult time in prison and with Warren’s exit having an impact on him. And of course Declan now knows his big secret - it’ll be interesting to see if this changes their relationship.
  • Perhaps the bigger news this weekend, what everyone has been wondering and asking for a very long time - when will the infamous moustache be back?! Well judging by photos of Emmett from this weekend’s PA in Ashford, he’s shaved off the beard. Has Brendan got his mojo back?! I guess we’ll find out December time on screen!
  • Emmett’s of course been filming with Jay Duffy this weekend, but also seems to have filmed with Kieron Richardson this weekend too judging by Twitter. And Kieron treated us to an adorable photo from the green room - aww!
  • As mentioned earlier Bart McQueen tried (and failed) to dress up as Brendan for Halloween, but the official site have made a Brendan mask available for Halloween which is brilliant!
  • Don’t forget you can download old Brendan episodes from August 2010 here!

Charlie Casanova

  • Director and writer of Charlie Casanova, Terry McMahon tweeted that it looks like Charlie Casanova will get a UK release in the new year which is fantastic news!


  • You might remember Emmett was taking part in Gay Times magazine’s naked shoot (with his arse out!) and DigitalSpy will be posting a backstage video at some point and the magazine will be published in December.
  • Lovely photo of Emmett and friends at Claire Cooper’s birthday meal and the two of them at a Halloween PA on Saturday. Also this photo of Jamie was from a “Free Brendan” PA in Coventry - who knew Foxy was on our side!?

News Summary (26 July - 31 July)

Hollyoaks - Brendan Brady

  • So much has happened on screen this week! If you’re bummed out by spoilers posted today then I suggest rewinding a little to think about all the great stuff last week. It’s not every week you get to see Brendan steal and eat a Cornetto, use a Ste-clone to make Ste jealous, grope and get groped in Chez Chez, get a pint over his head, sing Lady Gaga, prowl through Price Slice, tell Ste he loves him and get caught sharing an almost naked snog just as his wife walks in! Talk about drama. Catch up with all the episodes here.
  • Also I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that the lovely frozenstrawberries who had recording issues is now back in business and you won’t have to put up with my crappy recordings!! Thank you for being patient with me during the video issues!
  • Andy Moss (Rhys) tweeted a photo of him, Emmett and Karen Hassan (Lynsey) all in Rhys and Jacqui’s bed!
  • This week also saw the departure of Noah and the Hollyoaks website posted a mock leaving card which is pretty funny. Loving Double B’s haiku.
  • You can read an interview with Jay Duffy here from Inside Soap and revealed his relationship with Brendan will be awkward.
  • On Twitter this week Emmett revealed “I’ve been waiting a long time to shoot this one scene in Oaks… That day is today.. In the Green Corner weighing in at… Ding Ding!!” - again - not a clue what he’s referring to, we’ll have to see.
  • Kieron Richardson also tweeted a fan to say it’s not looking good for Stendan’s future judging by the upcoming week. He suggested a petition and Charlie (who runs Kieron’s tumblr and fan Twitter) has set one up if you wanted to sign.
  • Please continue to VOTE for Emmett at the Inside Soap Awards - follow the banner at the top of the site.

Charlie Casanova

  • Charlie Casanova has been selected to appear at the White Sands International Film Festival in New Mexico.


  • Emmett attended the Liverpool premiere of Captain America which you can read about and see pictures of here.
  • He has also changed his Twitter picture a few times, from one of him and Kieron filming, to one of him, Alice and Peter and her birthday and now one at him at a PA in Essex.
  • If you attended the PA on Saturday night and want to share your picture on the site, drop me a message in the ask box or tweet me! 
  • Emmett filmed at the Hollyoaks Music Show this weekend so look out for that soon!
  • Finally: next week marks the one year anniversary of the legendary Brendan Brady and I’ll be posting things to celebrate that! If you’ve got some fanart for the anniversary you’d like to share, message me or tag it on tumblr and I’ll reblog it during the anniversary week!

News Summary (18 July - 25 July)

Hollyoaks - Brendan Brady

  • Friday’s E4 episode saw the return of Double B where we saw him sing - two songs no less! The video will be posted on this site later tonight but you can view it here if you can’t wait! 
  • We were treated to more spoiler photos from the week of Noah’s departure and thanks to blackbeltbarbie who typed up a spoilery excerpt from Inside Soap which reveals that Brendan begs Ste to stay in Hollyoaks.
  • The official site also released a spoiler video for the whole week (I miss the daily spoiler videos!) and a C4 advert for this week was uploaded thanks to CANDYANGEL!
  • Emmett tweeted about Brendan’s return saying Brendan was going to change things up a bit, pay fans back for their loyalty! Intriguing as ever!
  • Spoilers are sparse for Declan’s arrival, but you can read those here. There are also pictures from that set of episodes here. Brendan is also said to be unable to keep his promises - but what or who that refers to, we are in the dark right now!
  • Jay Duffy, who plays Declan, appeared on chatshow Lorraine on Friday morning to discuss joining Hollyoaks and you can see that here. His father in real life, Keith Duffy, tweeted about watching Jay film his final scenes although it was reported previously that Jay will be taking on a regular role.
  • Kieron Richardson was interviewed on BBC Manchester (link will be unavailable after 10pm tonight) and he talked about Ste and Brendan’s future and a conclusion to it.

Other Roles

  • Watch a trailer for The Inside, a horror film in which Emmett stars. There’s another trailer here and some more information on it here.
  • Revelation Perth International Film Festival wrote a summary of Charlie Casanova which is high in praise of Emmett’s performance. You can also listen to an audio interview with Terry McMahon about the film here.


  • You can see photos of Emmett and Claire Cooper at the premiere of Batman Live and also photos of them and Bronagh and Peter at Chester Rocks.
  • Emmett tweeted a photo of him, Keith Duffy, Jay Duffy and hairdresser Scott Brown and a photo with him and Eoin Macken and Rob Norbury from a night out.
  • Finally a shout out this week to the Brendan Brady & Emmett fan thread on DigitalSpy for having reaching Part 50 - many posts of fun, serious discussion and hilarious strangeness.

Jay Duffy (Declan Brady) interviewed on ITV’s Lorraine show. Includes a clip of his first scene.

Soap Scoop Spoiler photos of Declan Brady’s arrival.

Hollyoaks fans could be about to see another side to bad boy Brendan Brady as his son Declan makes his long-awaited arrival in the village.

With Brendan’s ex-wife Eileen heading off on holiday for a fortnight, she decides to let the nightclub boss spend some quality time with his son - with a warning not to mess things up.

While Cheryl is delighted to see father and son reunited, we’re left to wonder how easy it will be for Brendan to hide his secret life from Declan. Will the teen discover that his father is gay?

Vote for it as the storyline you’re most looking forward to HERE

Friday’s E4 episode: information about the video

Just to let you know tomorrow’s (Friday’s) E4 where we see the return of Brendan will unfortunately not be posted on this site until Monday. Frozenstrawberries is still having technical issues with recording and I’m away Friday - Sunday. Instead, you should be able to watch the E4 episode on Friday night here on this channel as a temporary fix if you can’t view “live”. From Monday it’ll be back to me providing a low quality recording until technical issues are resolved!

Two more points of interest:

  • The girl who runs kieronrichardson wanted me to let you know that her laptop has broken so cannot update tumblr for now.
  • Tomorrow morning from 8:30am Jay Duffy (aka Declan Brady) will be on ITV chatshow Lorraine. Hopefully we might get a spoiler clip! I’ll be uploading the appearance on Sunday if you miss it.

Have a nice weekend and if you get a chance to see it, enjoy Brendan’s return! It’s going to be a great week of episodes I reckon!

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