Two reasons for picking this episode. One, it features a man coming back from the dead (see where I’m going with this considering In The Flesh airs on Sunday?) aka Warren “Foxy” Fox and secondly it is probably one of THE best Brendan episodes ever. It features all of his weird and wonderful quirks (obsessive eating, cocktail loving etc) as well as some intense flirting (although poor India doesn’t get much of this). It has to go down as the most disastrous double date ever. I think it’s impossible to watch this and not fall in love with Brendan all over again. 

In the wake of Amy discovering their relationship and after beating Ste up, Brendan lies about how Ste got his bruises and is desperate to keep his secrets. The scene in the cellar where Brendan intimidates and belittles Ste, sharing his plan to get them girlfriends, is particularly well done. Brendan’s switch from cruel and chilling to desperate for Ste to stay with him (and then back to vicious again) is fascinating. As an extra bonus, features Brendan carrying Mitzeee away from a brawl with Nancy in a brilliant comedic scene.

(no Brendan or Ste)

Texas V Silas | E4 4 July 2012

Texas is freaked out by the thought that Silas may have escaped.


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