In The Flesh | Episode 1 Series 2 

We’re re-united with Kieren Walker in the now seemingly PDS-friendly world of Roarton. Our hero is keeping his head down, working soul-destroying shifts in the Legion pub and squirrelling money into his ‘escape fund.’ Only problem is, he can’t escape himself.

In the wider world, tensions are re-igniting. The radical Pro-Living Party, Victus, is gaining government seats, prompting a backlash of PDS extremism connected to the Undead Liberation Army. Kieren is worried sick when Victus MP Maxine Martin enters the village, ostensibly offering her condolences in the wake of a brutal ULA tram attack. She can barely conceal her disappointment at what she sees in the Legion: PDS Sufferers and the Living happily rubbing shoulders. Not to mention Kieren himself behind the bar., She recoils in disgust from his cold touch. When Maxine violently clashes with Vicar Oddie, it seems Kieren was right to worry… danger from the outside world is encroaching.

Kieren’s overjoyed by the return of his BDFF (best dead friend forever), the irrepressible Amy Dyer – but his delight is cut short by a tense encounter with Amy’s opinionated ‘beau’, ULA member Simon. Kieren warns them both not to rock the boat in Roarton. However, they have other plans in mind, choosing to enter the Legion barefaced and wearing the clothes they were buried in. When they reveal the prejudice and hatred still bubbling under the surface in Roarton – not least from Gary Kendal - Kieren knows he needs to leave the village. Now.

Date and time TBC

Gay Times Magazine

May’s issue is now available to buy digitally HERE.

As I said on Twitter, the magazine don’t like websites republishing their content until it’s at least out of the shops. So for the full set of 16 (yes, 16!) new images and the full article I’ll post those next month.

Here are some snippets from the article:

  • The interviewer said he started dancing to the Human League’s last album during the photoshoot (there’s an image we’d like to see!)
  • He says not knowing what character he’ll inhabit next is a ‘turn on’ and he loves the thrill and adrenaline of it. 
  • He teases that he’s ‘very happy’ for the chiseled Jamie Dornan, saying he’s lovely man. Asked if he could handle the Christian Grey character he says ‘I hear its predominantly sex and bondage and who can’t handle that? That’s a normal Saturday night.’
  • He said he’d go to the ends of the earth for a character he believed in.
  • He says he was excited about In The Flesh after seeing the first series and its the first time personalities have been given to zombies rather than vampires. He says he was raised on horror films from a young age.
  • He explains that his character in In The Flesh, Simon, has never really been able to relate to the living in either lives and carries his darkness into his undead state. The Undead Liberation Army gives him new purpose, but that’s soon challenged by Kieren who he’s infatuated with. There will be more spoilers about In The Flesh on the Gay Times website in May.

I’ve mainly chosen this episode to continue to continue today’s trend of topless Emmett, but for its short duration it’s a moving episode. After being beaten in prison, Brendan looks at photos of his sons and cries.

Dominic Mitchell interview about In The Flesh series 2

From 2:55

Can you tell us about Simon, one of the new characters you have introduced this series?

Simon is the twelfth disciple of the Undead Prophet, he’s connected to the ULA (Undead Liberation Army) who are an extremist group they consider themselves freedom fighters. They say that no one is protecting PDS sufferers, no one is fighting for their rights, so we’re the ones who have to fight for them. He’s a very interesting character, he’s enigmatic, he’s mysterious, he’s damaged I would say. 

In The Flesh: First Clip of Simon during Luke Newberry interview

From 1:35 onwards Luke Newberry (Kieren) talks about Simon’s impact on Kieren’s life as a PDS sufferer with a brand new clip at 2:37!

How does Simon impact on Kieren’s life?

Well Simon coming along is a bit of a gear changer for Kieren, because he turns up with a very extreme opinion of and belief of what it is to be a PDS sufferer and it’s the polar opposite of Kieren’s. Kieren is very much about putting my mousse on, putting my lens in and I just put my head down and get on with it and try and fit in with everyone else and be normal and adhere to the rules. Simon comes in and just completely turns that on its head, I don’t wear mousse, I don’t wear the lenses, why should I, this is me, this is who I am, and for Kieren that’s quite scary but also quite intriguing. Kieren realizes that yes he’s moved on, yes he’s developed but he’s still got quite a way to go and is that the way that he wants to go? What’s right or wrong?

We’ve had three new directors this year and they’ve all brought something different to the show which Jonny Campbell directed last year and brilliantly, and left it in a brilliant place so it was more about them taking what was there and building upon that, without trying to make it something it’s not.

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