Broxy team up to talk skincare routines and unnerve Dodger, thinking he has their money. Brendan knows a lot about pulmonary arteries and moisturiser and treats us to a verse of the Bones song. A fun slice of Broxy history.

Brendan Brady | E4 26 Oct 2012

(issues with DailyMotion tonight)

Ally winds Ste up at the memorial for Riley that Doug has arranged. Brendan finds himself not welcome.

Ste and Doug | E4 4 Sep 2012

As wedding venue problems arise and are just as quickly resolved, Ste and Dennis struggle to deal with the impending reality of Doug and Leanne’s marriage.


Brendan Brady | E4 28 Aug 2012

Joel doesn’t react well to the news that Theresa has been hired as a club hostess.


Brendan Brady | E4 27 Aug 2012

Theresa acts as a hostess to my some VIPs at Brendan’s club.


Ste, Amy, Ally and Will | E4 31 July 2012

The Savage family wait to hear if Grace has come through for Will. And Ally puts a dampener on Amy’s plans for her career.

Will, Ste, Amy & Ally | E4 20 July 2012

Will tries to find Grace, the girl he was following at the time of Lynsey’s murder. And Ste is suspicious of Ally’s motives for the street patrols he has initiated.


Will and Ash | E4 19 July 2012

Ash is shocked as she learns more about Will and what he has been up to.


Brendan Brady | E4 16 July 2012

Brendan confesses to Cheryl why he’s so set on protecting her and she is destroyed by his revelation. Will struggles for acceptance in the village after being branded a murderer. 


Brendan Brady | E4 13 July 2012

Cheryl returns from Ireland and Brendan asks Walker to protect her while he is at the club.
Will tries to explain himself to Dodger.


Brendan Brady | E4 12 July 2012

Walker feeds into Brendan’s paranoia about Sampson. And Will breaks down faced with the reality of what he has done and where that has left him.


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