I’ve mainly chosen this episode to continue to continue today’s trend of topless Emmett, but for its short duration it’s a moving episode. After being beaten in prison, Brendan looks at photos of his sons and cries.

Two episodes in one. Cockney gangster Danny Houston shows what he’s truly capable of when he reveals to Brendan that he was responsible for the death of Brendan’s ex-lover. Amazing scene in the Relish diner between Danny and Brendan. Later on Danny proves he means his threats when he makes it clear he knows Brendan’s weakness. Danny (RIP!) was a great little villain! 

In the aftermath of Lynsey’s funeral (you know the one, where Brendan and Lynsey’s brother got down and dirty on the murder couch) emotions and tensions are running high. Eoghan continues on his bitter whinging even after a night in Brendan’s lair(!) and Cheryl finds out the truth leading to a great scene where Brendan snaps at her and later reluctantly agrees to attend family counselling. Ste becomes Brendan’s official cheerleader and things are on the right and sizzling track between them until damn it - yep you’ve guessed it - Doug arrives and ruins the fun!

"I used to wanna be superman…" begins Brendan’s opening monologue to Hollyoaks Later and with the news this week of Emmett appearing in comic book movie Guardians of the Galaxy I thought it was an appropriate choice. This first episode of Hollyoaks Later kicks off a cinematic looking series where Brendan’s darkness and the root of his trauma is fully revealed. Worth a rewatch alone if only for the brilliant opening sequence (and the black humour of his Stupid Cupid dance).

This is a great episode that I’d almost forgotten about. Brendan’s under pressure with Pete’s arrival, terrified he’s going to spill his secrets. He also has Rae on his back who threats to expose his sexuality to Warren if he doesn’t leave Ste alone. It all gets a bit much when everyone surrounds him in the club and after warning Ste that Pete’s not to be trusted (and some classic face touching) he comes up with a plan to get rid of Rae.

This episode features one of my favourite Emmett performances where Brendan, distraught at losing Lynsey, unleashes a tirade against Joel and smashes up the club. Later him and Walker try and track down Samson, with Brendan believing him to be the one who murdered Lynsey. There are some lovely but sad Brendan and Cheryl scenes too.

Three words you’re happy to hear on a Friday: Stendan, Broxy, Britzeee. This whole period was Hollyoaks gold as far as I’m concerned. Brendan and Mitzeee reveal to the world that they’re now a couple, much to Ste and Cheryl’s horror. Brilliance ensues. Add in Brendan terrorising hapless Lee Hunter and you’ve got a true classic Brendan episode. Contains a tash joke, one about murder and one about ‘positions’. What more could you want? 

A firm favourite for many fans, this episode sees Brendan try and keep his two lives separate. Having just committed to Ste with those three little words, he comes face to face with his ex-wife Eileen and guess what? She’s bringing his son to stay. Brendan’s torn in two by his secrets making desperate promises to keep Ste, but faced with the threat of losing his family. Brendan’s anguish and torment is always a joy to watch; Emmett Scanlan rips your heart in two by the end. 

Three years ago bonfire night ended disastrously with Amy laid up in hospital. But who else happened to be in the same hospital? Macca, Brendan’s ex! This week Flashback Friday gives us one of my favourite Bramy moments, with him terrorising her in the hospital bed (“I should have brought you flowers”). Macca also gives Brendan a bizarre/desperate ultimatum - dump Ste or he’ll go to the police! Classic 2010 Brendan. 

Why soap villains have evolved from panto-style baddies to complicated anti-heroes

Brendan and Cheryl attend family counselling (Brendan would rather go to the pub). Cheryl leads the talking whilst Brendan takes the piss, until the traumatic topic of their father rears its head. Their experiences of childhood couldn’t be more different. It’s a gut wrenching and disturbing insight into the effect Seamus has had on Brendan. Brilliant performances.

Broxy team up to talk skincare routines and unnerve Dodger, thinking he has their money. Brendan knows a lot about pulmonary arteries and moisturiser and treats us to a verse of the Bones song. A fun slice of Broxy history.

Brendan and Ste are, as always, crazy for each other in this joy of an episode. With Seamus seemingly out the way, Brendan indulges in his hunger. Who can resist an episode of flirty Brendan? It’s just a little unfortunate his plans to kill off his dad didn’t go quite to plan… 

Some really old school Brendan from his first month in Hollyoaks. Brendan’s associate Veronica tries to blackmail him by staging a rescue of Cheryl. It’s full of classic Brendan brooding and his secrets under threat as well as some pretty dodgy tie-dye…!

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