"You’ve got Emmett Scanlan in [Charlie Casanova], giving an iconic performance. But Scanlan’s such a hateful prick as Charlie that you think it’s him, you think it’s real. Yet he’s one of the hardest working, most magnificent, blokes you could ever meet."

— Terry McMahon mentions Emmett in an interview on Charlie Casanova and Patrick’s Day (via empathist)

Interview with Eoin Macken - No Cigar Magazine (23/9/13)


I tend to work with actors on my own projects whom I’ve acted with before, and so for me it’s a kick when somebody wants to work with and trusts me so I’d be a little more careful as actors are sensitive! Having said that when you work with friends you can be open and forthcoming, and say the crap you need to when you need to. I’ll never forget having a massive blow out with Emmett Scanlan (Hollyoaks, The Fall), when we did Christian Blake because he wasn’t doing what I wanted. Then we kissed and made up the next day. We actually did the same on Charlie Casanova and The Inside, in a big way. Ok, so we fight…. I take it all back, I lose my temper when I need to….

Eoin Macken on working with Emmett Scanlan


One of my favorite scenes among others in the movie. This scene was so subtle just wanted to gif it. 

My name is Charlie Barnum and if there is a god this may very well be my last will and testament.

Think of the innumerable things you privately yearn to do. But law, morality, conservatism, wives, children, parents, even strangers, tell you everyday that you cannot do those things. What happens if you’re given the complete right to abdicate all responsibility? What happens if you tempt fate to find out if this is what you should really be doing with your life? If this is who you should really be? Now that, that’s power.

Channel 4 Press interview with Emmett J Scanlan

Tell us about your decision to leave Hollyoaks.

For me, It was the right time to leave, despite the show being in such a great place at the moment. I don’t find it daunting, but I like taking risks - Charlie Casanova was a risk, Hollyoaks was a risk and luckily they paid off, so I want to try taking a risk somewhere else. I’m in no rush though, whether that’s in 2 months-time or 2 years I don’t care, I’m in a really fortuitous position in my life.

Has Brendan’s exit storyline been everything you hoped it would be?

Absolutely, everything gets yanked up a few gears over the next couple of weeks. It’s the calm before the storm. There are stunts, high-drama and dialogue which you expect if it’s the end for Brendan Brady. I am confident everyone will do it justice - I feel very privileged to be part of it.

Will you be keeping in touch with anyone from the show?

There are a few beautiful souls that I’ll want to always keep in touch with. But the crew, the production, the people behind the camera, the non-actors - these are the real heroes of the show. They work incredibly hard and keep us actors employed. They’re a big reason for me staying the 2 and a half years I did.

How much of Brendan’s character is your creation?

Paul Marquees invented Brendan, and the writing team fleshed him out. They gave me range to play - it was always my job to pump life into him. This place allowed me to DO JUST THAT. Everything that Brendan is, is a direct result of everyone else. They just spoilt me by giving me a plethora of toys to play with.

What is your dream role for the future?

I just want to be able to leave behind a box set of characters that I’m proud of, which will inspire people, like Rocky did when I was a kid. I remember wanting to be the hero and that movie pushed me inside my imagination, which I’ve been lucky enough to live inside ever since.


 Emmett Scanlan Fans advent calender. A picture every day in the run up to Christmas.


Emmett Scanlan Fans advent calender. A picture every day in the run up to Christmas.


 Emmett Scanlan Fans advent calender. A picture every day in the run up to Christmas.


Emmett Scanlan Fans advent calender. A picture every day in the run up to Christmas.

'Hollyoaks' villain Scanlan sets his sights on terrorising Hollywood

Hollyoaks actor Emmett Scanlan’s time on the soap will come to an end next year.

The Diary has learned that the 32-year-old is set to say his goodbyes to the popular Channel 4 soap in January, after two years and countless awards as villainous Brendan Brady.

While he refused to confirm the rumours that the end is nigh for his character, Scanlan did tell The Diary that he is hoping to move to Hollywood for three months in 2013 in order to establish himself in the US.

And it’s thanks to his indie film Charlie Casanova, directed by Terry McMahon, that Scanlan is getting the opportunity.

"As a result of Charlie Casanova, I’ve got some meetings in LA. I’ll go over for a while next year and see how it goes," Scanlan said.

Hollyoaks Later Exclusive Q&A

3. Brendan spends most of Hollyoaks Later in a really dark place (like the Mick body chopping!), how do you get into the “Brendan Zone” for these scenes and leave it behind when you go home?

I wish it was that easy. Sometimes you take it home, unconsciously take it home… It filters out eventually. But it’s hard.. I can come to terms and go to those dark places if need be, quite easily. Letting go of it, I haven’t quite mastered. That’s not to say I go home and start cutting people up, I just ain’t the same guy!

When I did Charlie Casanova I didn’t know how to let go of him, and I brought him into my Hollyoaks job cause the turn over was so quick. He’s gone now but there was a time, a short period where Charlie and Brendan inhabited the same body… Emmett was like an absentee landlord.

News Summary (15 - 21 Oct 2012)

Hollyoaks - Brendan Brady

  • Brendan was finally back this week, firstly still wounded and with the aid of a walking stick and then back in a suit on Friday’s E4, although still damaged from recent events and being shut out by Cheryl. Catch up with the recent episodes here.
  • It’s been a little bit of a spoiler overload this weekend so bear with me: First things first, Ste’s mum Pauline comes back in a fortnight’s time which sends Ste into meltdown. Brendan manages to comfort him and gets rid of Pauline by offering her money, and she of course rejects her son and takes it. Doug continues to be increasingly put out by Brendan’s presence. You can see photos from these episodes here and more articles here.
  • Also, you might have seen the promo or read the articles about the big Hollyoaks bus crash which takes place during Ste and Doug’s wedding. Casualties are being kept under wraps but I wouldn’t worry about any of the Stendoug triangle perishing! 
  • Emmett and Kieron were spotted by a fan filming outside the studio in Liverpool this week and Emmett also tweeted about filming on location next week. Twitter rumours also suggest Hollyoaks is being filmed in Dublin next week, but are the two related? Don’t know yet! 
  • Bronagh was interviewed by DigitalSpy this week and talked about Cheryl’s future, the funeral and how she’d like Cheryl and Brendan to make up. You can read that here.

Charlie Casanova

  • Great news for Charlie Casanova as it’s made the #16 spot in the Irish HMV chart, but incase you haven’t bought your copy yet, there’s this scene as a taster with many links for you to purchase it. 
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