Ste and Doug | E4 17 - 20 Sep 2012

E4 17th: Esther and Phoebe steal from Ste.

E4 18th: Ste is grilled by Callum about Ally.

E4 19th: Ste and Doug’s evening doesn’t go to plan when Ste tries to stop a break in at Chez Chez.

E4 20th: Leanne tries to repair the rift between Ste and Doug


Ste, Doug and Joel | E4 26 April 2012

Doug feels uncomfortable when Leanne and Dennis try to give him and Ste dating advice. And Joel’s club night at Chez Chez does not end well.


Brendan Brady | E4 9 Jan 2011

Declan is impressed when Brendan fouls his way though a football match in the park with some of the school kids.


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