Seriously who doesn’t love this episode? It’s Brendan at his best - scheming, funny, manipulative, sexy, devilishly charming and a layer of vulnerability underneath it all. Brendan does everything in his power to convince Ste to stay in Hollyoaks including making him seethe with jealousy, convincing him not to leave his kids and setting up Noah for a huge failure. Can’t believe this aired over three years ago.


brendan brady ↠ character traits

"He loves his family, dun’t he? I mean, he’s loyal, generous…  he’s brave. ‘Cause of me, he was going to take that bullet for me, weren’t he?”  - Ste Hay

Sometimes I’d pretend to be  asleep. I just close my eyes, do my eight times table.  
Two times eight - sixteen, three times eight - twenty-four, four times eight - thirty-two. 

I was top dog at my eight times table. I  got a  g o l d   s t a r. Got me a gold star.

Anonymous: Where can I watch the full story arc of Brendan? And if you send me the daily motion clips. Which one do I start from and work the way through?

This is easier. 

There are two playlists, start with one and then watch two. It’s all in order so you don’t need to worry about which to watch next. 

There’s a link to these playlist on the homepage incase you lose this link.

Anonymous: Hiya! I'm relatively new to the Emmett Scanlan fan club, but already in too deep and not even regretting it at all. I finished Brendan storyline and have never been more devastated in my life. I was curious, did Emmett decide to leave Hollyoaks or did the writers plan for Brendan to go back to jail and what not? Thanks!

Hooray! Glad to hear it! But yes, painful - isn’t it? :(

It was totally Emmett’s choice to leave and the producers knew way in advance so they were able to write Brendan a full arc including reuniting him with Ste, bringing Seamus into the equation and bringing Walker back. 

This interview gives more detail to when he planned to leave etc. Hope that helps.

Anonymous: I'm so sorry to be asking you this but it has been driving me completely nuts: I've gone through almost all the episodes after the fire happened and I still can't find the episode where Ste finds Brendan's cross. Help please?

The Channel 4 date is 1st November 2013 but I’m afraid I don’t have a link to watch it. Hope that helps.

Site news: New Gallery


I’m planning on revamping the site and making it more user-friendly in the coming weeks. In the meantime I’ve opened a brand new gallery

It’s a bit of a work in progress (I’m trying to transfer 300+ episodes worth of screencaps which is a bit of a task!) but there’s a lot there already. 

I hope this makes things easier to find. As ever screencaps can be used without credit for anything you like. 

The old photobuckets will still be available should you wish to use them. 

Anonymous: Wait, was Brendan ever even mentioned again after he got arrested?

In a reflective way, yes (realistically probably not as much as he should have been but hey-ho) but we don’t know how he’s getting on in prison etc.*

*yeah, I know he’s not real ;)

Stendan 101: The ultimate fanatic’s guide (Part 1)



When a fandom spans a long period and you jump aboard a ship mid-way through or when it’s finished you can sometimes miss little nuggets of behind-the-scenes facts which make the story so much better. And if you’ve been on the ship from the start, clutching your OTP and whispering “my babies” into the night you will hold these snippets of information to your chest with adoration. 

So for the new Stendan fans, the veterans, the curious and the virgins I present The Ultimate Guide to Stendan offering as much information on the two and a half year phenomenon. I hope you enjoy.

I have tried to include a ‘source’ where possible, however sometimes you’ll just have to take my word for it. Information comes from my big ol’ memory, articles and interviews, old tweets or from conversations with Emmett. 

Part One: Early Beginnings & Secret Sexuality

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Anonymous: i was just wondering has anything been mentioned on Hollyoaks about Brendan's prison sentence?

No, apart from Ste’s line “I reckon Brendan’s looking at a 30 year stretch” there hasn’t been. Hope that helps! 

The closest episode I could get to a summer holiday one! Brendan even wears his blue summer shirt! Although like most of Brendan’s life, it’s not the happy summer day it could be. Brendan’s made a promise to join Ste and the kids, with estranged son Declan, to a trip to Disneyworld Florida. But he’s torn between his heart and his fears and can’t go through with it. The scene in the car is such a powerful moment - it always gets to me seeing Brendan’s struggle. 

Emmett J Scanlan | Video Masterpost

Emmett J Scanlan - video masterpost

✯ by emmettscanlan fansite 

(contains links to watch or buy all available filmography, backstage videos, interviews and misc videos)

I hope this is especially useful for newer followers and fans.

This collection is also found on the video page of the fansite. Please do not repost the whole list as it took me a long time to complete. Please feel free to let me know if there are any broken links. 

Hope you enjoy!

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