Brendan Brady | E4 7 Jan 2013

After discovering that his father is still alive, Brendan metes out Joel’s punishment for a job badly done.

What’s On TV Spoilers 7 - 9 Jan 2013

Mon 7th Jan

Joel is still shaken about killing Seamus while Cheryl is increasingly worried about her missing father. Meanwhile, Brendan couldn’t be happier, but can he keep his terrible secret?

Tues 8th Jan 

Brendan pays Joel for a job well done and comforts his sister. But it’s shocks all round when a familiar face walks through the front door!

Wed 9th Jan

Joel is desperate for his money back and enlists Bart’s help to get what he’s owed… However, Brendan catches Joel in the act and gives the teen a ten-minute head start before calling the police. Feeling like there’s nowhere left to run, Joel and Bart make a decsion…

Video: Another Year in the Life of Brendan Brady 

It’s Brendan’s second eventful year in Hollyoaks and this video contains clips of every episode he’s appeared in in the last 12 months - all 117 of them! Last year’s video is here.

Scene of the Week: Brendan is More Gangster than Bart (in a Girl’s Eyemask)


Double B has been known to steal a good few many scenes in his time and undermine villagers in the most comical ways (who can forget Brendan singing Womanizer to love-rat Ethan Scott?!) and this week’s scene with Bart was a classic. Brendan Brady terrifies and torments villagers more times than he eats snacks (a lot) but only he can do so with such camp quirks (the cocktails, the red swishy coat) and this week it was the “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” beauty-sleep mask. With an air of indifference and disdain Brendan made Bart’s week-long “I’m a Big Crim” woes seem - as they were - forgettable child’s play.

Brendan Brady | E4 24 May 2012

Bart comes to Brendan with the money he has managed to get together to start paying off his debt.



BB: No, Joel didn’t say anything did he Bart man? That’s short for Bartholomew isn’t it….isn’t it?

Bart: No one calls me that.

BB: He was one of the apostles. Do you know what happened to Bartholomew, Bartholomew?

Bart: No.

BB: He was spreading the word of the christ and was executed. He was crucified on the cross. Can you imagine that?

Brendan Brady | E4 22 May 2012

Brendan heaps more pressure on Bart to keep quiet about Joel’s part in the cannabis farm.


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