Kevin and Walker | E4 7 March 2013

Will and Ash try to find whatever it was that Kevin dropped into the river during the night. 

Kevin and Walker | E4 5 March 2013

Maxine’s friends question Kevin about her disappearance.

Walker and Kevin | E4 4 March 2013

As Ash and Sienna grow suspicious about Maxine’s disappearance, Walker tells Kevin it’s his problem to deal with.


Brendan Brady | E4 29 Aug 2012

Joel tries to chat up a woman at the club. And Brendan offers an upset Ash a listening ear.


Spoilers: 20th-22nd August - Walker/Ally/Cheryl/Joel

Monday 20th:

Walker has a proposition for Ally

Tuesday 21st:

Ally gains Ash’s forgiveness - but Walker has bigger plans for him.

Wednesday 22nd:

Also today, Joel and Cheryl begin to build bridges as they unite in their grief for Lynsey

Ste and Amy | E4 2 Aug 2012

Ste spends an evening alone with Amy to console her after her break up with Ally.


Amy, Ally and Ash | E4 1 Aug 2012

Ally talks to Amy a little bit about his past after admitting to her that he kissed Ash.

Ste, Amy, Ally and Will | E4 31 July 2012

The Savage family wait to hear if Grace has come through for Will. And Ally puts a dampener on Amy’s plans for her career.

Will, Ally and Ash | E4 30 July 2012

Ash and Ally try to convince Grace to be a witness in Will’s defence.

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