Brendan Brady | E4 12 Nov 2012

It’s the morning of Ste and Doug’s wedding and the issues (Brendan) between them start to come to the fore.


Brendan Brady | E4 8 Nov 2012

Father Des encourages Brendan to return to the village to be with those he loves. And Ste, Doug, Tony and Cindy become aware that they are are having a joint wedding.


Ste Hay & Doug Carter | E4 13 March 2012

It’s the day of the local council business competition and Ste & Doug, Cheryl and Annalise all compete for the prize money. 

Cheryl Brady | E4 24 Jan 2012

Cheryl knows she slept with one of the students last night. She just can’t recollect just which one of the boys had the pleasure.

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