Spoilers: 25th June - 28th June

Mon 25th June

Walker warns Ally to keep schtum about his past, but when a passing Lynsey witnesses it, Walker’s oblivious to the fact that he’s put someone else on his trail. Doug and Ste break the news of their new landlord to Amy

Wed 27th June

As a panicked Riley and Lynsey race to get Mercedes to the hospital, Mitzeee turns to Brendan for help - but can she convince him of her innocence? 

Thurs 28th June

 Lynsey is determined to uncover the truth about Walker, but when she pushes Ally for the information she’s left with more questions than answers. An old enemy pays Brendan a visit.

Brendan Brady | E4 24 April 2012

Ste and Doug help each other to create online dating profiles. And Brendan jets off to Barcelona leaving Joel all set to host his own club night.

Brendan Brady | E4 20 April 2012

Amy’s attempts at a romantic reunion with Ally after his month away with the army are thwarted by an ever-present and interfering Ste. And Joel tries to assert his vision for the future of Chez Chez.


Ste Hay & Doug Carter | E4 24 Feb 2012

Ste and Doug embark upon their entrepreneurial venture.


Ste Hay and Doug Carter | E4 23 Feb 2012

Ste and Doug put on a kickass 5th birthday party for Leah. Ally asks Amy out.


Ste Hay & Doug Carter | E4 22 Feb

At the coffee shop Ste tries to help Doug make a good impression on Tony. And Amy and Michaela fall out over Ally, who is not impressed with either girl. 


Brendan Brady | E4 21 Feb 2012

Brendan has a proposal for Joel. Doug tries to make amends with Ste. And Michaela plans for a night out with Ally.


Brendan Brady | E4 21 Feb 2012

Brendan looks on as Joel loses his cool when he sees Theresa talking to Will.
Elsewhere, Ste and Doug are pitted against each other to see who will gain a job at the coffee shop. And Amy tries to find out more about Ally, although it is someone else he winds up kissing at the end of the night.


Brendan Brady | E4 17 Feb 2012

Brendan uses drugs and money to try and get rid of Joel. And Michaela joins Ste and Amy in lusting after Ally.


Ally, Rhys and Jacqui | Hollyoaks E4 Feb 2nd 

After the debacle of the dinner party, Ally wants to leave Rhys and Jacqui’s. (No Ste or Amy)

Ste, Amy & Ally | E4 1 Feb 2012

Ally invites Ste and Amy to a dinner party at Rhys and Jacqui’s flat.


Ste, Amy and Ally | E4 31 Jan 2012

On their first day of meeting him, Ste and Amy are both convinced that Ally is the man for them.


Ally arrives in Hollyoaks | E4 30 Jan 2012

After a day of woeful interviews with prospective inhabitants of their spare room, Ally makes a great first impression on Jacqui and Rhys.

(no Brendan but for those of you wanting to follow Ste/Ally then this is the build up with Jacqui and Rhys finding a lodger).

Jacqui & Rhys | E4 27 Jan 2012

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