Hollyoaks bad boys Brendan Brady and Simon Walker will be at the centre of dramatic scenes as they feature in their own special episode later this month.

Brendan (Emmett Scanlan) has recently been plotting revenge against his enemy Sampson in the aftermath of Lynsey’s murder, and his attempts to get even result in a one-off standalone edition of Hollyoaks focusing entirely on the storyline.

Digital Spy can now present an exclusive first look at the episode, which is being billed as a chance for viewers to discover more about Brendan and Walker’s unlikely friendship.

After planning to scupper Sampson’s big drug deal, things go horribly wrong for Brendan and Walker (Neil Newbon) when they end up trapped inside a factory, surrounded by police.

It’s clear that someone has grassed up Brendan, so he grows increasingly suspicious of Walker - still unsure of whether he can really trust him.

When Walker shoots a policeman in the factory, Brendan is relieved as it seemingly proves that Walker is on his side.

However, Brendan still has to worry about how to escape and who has been plotting against him…

Hollyoaks airs the special Brendan and Walker episode on Tuesday, August 14 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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