News Summary (8 Jan - 13 Jan)


Hollyoaks - Brendan Brady

  • It’s the news that everyone had been anticipating/dreading for quite a while, but Emmett announced his departure from Hollyoaks this week, after two and a half years on the show. Many places reported his departure, DigitalSpy, The Sun & RadioTimes and What’s On TV and the iMedia Monkey also published an interview today with Emmett which is a great read. I know many of us are gutted that Double B will be no more and we’ll miss seeing him every day but Brendan’s journey on the show has been incredible, legendary and we’re glad we’ve had the experience of his amazing arc. We’re really looking forward to Emmett’s future projects too. 
  • And this site isn’t going anywhere! Neither are the videos, so you can continue to rewatch Brendan clips when you miss him the most.
  • If the news is making you sad still, you’ve got every opportunity to express how much Emmett’s portrayal has meant to you by voting for him in the National TV Awards. What a perfect send off that’d be - the ideal leaving present. Hollyoaks won five years ago so it is possible - you’ve just got to vote. Persuade your friends, family, dig up those old email addresses, make your gran an email address - just make sure you click those validation emails!
  • And speaking of the NTAs, I made this video just to prove why Emmett so deserves this award (as if you didn’t already know!)
  • If you had voted until you can’t vote any more then you might also want to take part in the Birthday Project for Emmett - all the details are here.
  • I’ll also be running a project for when Brendan leaves our screens too so look out for that!
  • As for Brendan on screen this week, we saw him cope with his dad’s reappearance and continue to deal with his violence issues - sending Joel and Bart away for good.
  • Ashley Slanina Davies aka Amy Barnes is making a brief return in February (12th & 13th) and is thought to be sharing scenes with Brendan, Ste and the kids. Excited about this - love Bramy!
  • Spoilers for the end of January reveal Brendan babysitting Leah and questioning Ste’s commitment, as well as taking to Mitzeee about his past. Sounds like a huge week!
  • We had photos of Emmett filming at night this week with Kieron and filming outside the deli along with others including James Sutton. 
  • In the coverage of the NTA shortlisting (something Hollyoaks haven’t managed in the performance category since 2008) we had photos of Emmett and Kieron encouraging to vote. 
  • And finally, I’ve uploaded all the clips of Brendan from August 2010, including his first ever episode and the episode where Brendan and Ste first meet. They can be found here.

Amy Barnes to Return for Two Episodes


Amy Barnes to Return

Amy Barnes will be back on Hollyoaks for two episodes next month, Digital Spy can confirm.

Ashley Slanina-Davies, who plays Amy, was back on set at the Channel 4 soap in December to film the brief return stint.

While it’s too early for any storyline details to be confirmed, Slanina-Davies is thought to have shared scenes with Kieron Richardson (Ste Hay), Emmett Scanlan (Brendan Brady) and her on-screen children.

The episodes in question will air on Tuesday, February 12 and Wednesday, February 13 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

Slanina-Davies bowed out as Amy last summer when the character left the village behind for a fresh start.

Emmett Scanlan called on the KeeBroShow

Kieron and Ashley (that’s Ste and Amy) investigate who killed Lynsey Nolan in Hollyoaks and ring some potential suspects. Very funny chat with Emmett Scanlan as he shops for LEGO.

News Summary (14 May - 20 May)

Hollyoaks - Brendan Brady

  • It’s been an intense week for Brendan. Walker’s presence got him desperate to prove himself, which in turn lead to poor Joel being stabbed. Cheryl didn’t take it very well and slapped Brendan, but after a moment of swearing to change, he turned the tables again on Friday’s E4. Catch up with all the drama here.
  • The biggest news of the week broke yesterday and you might have just have seen some of the excitement here and on Twitter. You can see spoiler pictures of a new Stendan kiss here and here and if you can’t read the articles then they have been transcribed (thanks to notetoafriend) here and here. Now it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a particularly rosy reunion - or a reunion at all - it seems as if Ste is doing this to get Brendan out of the business. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens. 
  • Whatever does happen with THAT kiss Emmett was filming this week with Kieron, PJ and Ashley Slanina-Davies (Amy) so the drama looks set to continue long into the summer.
  • Andrew Still (Joel) spoke to DigitalSpy about why Joel has been keen to impress Brendan and you can read the full interview here.
  • On Wednesday “Brendan Brady” trended in the UK during the E4 episode due to everyone tweeting about Brendan seeking revenge on the guys who stabbed Joel. 
  • Hollyoaks Later was officially announced this week, which Brendan will play a big part in. It’s going to be dark. You can read some extra Later gossip here as well as reading Tarrin’s Hollyoaks chat with Emma Smithwick. Lots of Brendan info.
  • Tarrin also revealed in her report from yesterday’s Maverick Sabre filming that in a preview she saw Brendan is seen to be devastated when he witnesses a kiss between Ste and Doug. (Can’t help but feel for him!)
  • The promo/advert Emmett was seen filming the other week is airing tomorrow on Channel 4 straight after the Hollyoaks episode, so look out for it! I will of course post it here too!

Other Roles - The Fall (BBC)

  • As photos posted the other day suggested, Emmett has landed the role of Glen Martin in The Fall. It will be shown in the Autumn on BBC Two. You can read more about it here. Bronagh Waugh also stars and she was recently interviewed about it too.
  • More info as it when it becomes available.


  • Ever wanted to reply to a post on tumblr with a gif - a Double B gif - to be precise? Well you can find a collection here in the gallery. No need for credit, just save and reupload for your own use. Please please please do not use the “direct link” as it eats the bandwidth and then the gallery will close.
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