"You’ve got Emmett Scanlan in [Charlie Casanova], giving an iconic performance. But Scanlan’s such a hateful prick as Charlie that you think it’s him, you think it’s real. Yet he’s one of the hardest working, most magnificent, blokes you could ever meet."

— Terry McMahon mentions Emmett in an interview on Charlie Casanova and Patrick’s Day (via empathist)

"As Simon, Emmett Scanlan was a zombie to fall in love with, with a performance that week on week never dipped below magnetic. So magnetic that it was a danger to leave any credit cards or electronics near the TV, in case they were wiped."

Cultbox: 5 reasons why In The Flesh has to return for series 3 (via empathist)

"I miss Emmett extremely. And it’s so weird, they have this thing called a fandom, and they called us Stendan — Ste and Brendan — and it was so massive and you don’t realise at the time, you just go to work and you do your job and you forget that it goes on telly, and obviously you have Twitter nowadays so you get that instant reaction. But for those two characters, they were like, adored, and it’s crazy knowing that I played one of them and it was affecting people’s lives […] But I do miss him, and he’s on BBC Three now, ‘In The Flesh’, on Sunday nights, and his scene partner in that is called Kieren, and I’m like, that’s me, that should be me, I could be doing that. So I get a bit jealous."

Do you miss Emmett?

Kieron Richardson, What’s On TV, 15 May 2014

(via empathist)

Sci-Fi Bulletin: Interview with Dominic Mitchell on In the Flesh series two


During the set visit, over lunch, the journalists ended up spending about an hour discussing the morality behind the show with the stars, Emmett, Emily and Luke: they weren’t just invested in their characters, they seemed to really understand their characters’ viewpoints (which was occasionally quite frightening coming from Emmett!)

We’ve been so lucky with the actors; they’re very invested in the show. They’ll call me up and ask me questions, and I’m always open to talking about any person’s character. They do so much work on them.

BBC Three In The Flesh Q&A (with image, tweets) · EmmettSFans

Read all the questions Emmett answered for the Twitter Q&A after the first episode of In The Flesh.

"[Amy] brings with her Simon, played by a mesmerisingly good Emmett Scanlan. Radiating zombie zealotry, his calm Irish lilt is stretched over a great persuasive force, like the skin of a drum about to sound change."

Cultbox on Emmett Scanlan | Review of Series 2, Episode 1

In The Flesh series 2 interview: Emily Bevan and Emmett Scanlan

Great, really in depth interview with Emmett and Emily about their characters - well worth a read.

Dominic Mitchell interview: In The Flesh series 2 & series 3

Gay Times Magazine

May’s issue is now available to buy digitally HERE.

As I said on Twitter, the magazine don’t like websites republishing their content until it’s at least out of the shops. So for the full set of 16 (yes, 16!) new images and the full article I’ll post those next month.

Here are some snippets from the article:

  • The interviewer said he started dancing to the Human League’s last album during the photoshoot (there’s an image we’d like to see!)
  • He says not knowing what character he’ll inhabit next is a ‘turn on’ and he loves the thrill and adrenaline of it. 
  • He teases that he’s ‘very happy’ for the chiseled Jamie Dornan, saying he’s lovely man. Asked if he could handle the Christian Grey character he says ‘I hear its predominantly sex and bondage and who can’t handle that? That’s a normal Saturday night.’
  • He said he’d go to the ends of the earth for a character he believed in.
  • He says he was excited about In The Flesh after seeing the first series and its the first time personalities have been given to zombies rather than vampires. He says he was raised on horror films from a young age.
  • He explains that his character in In The Flesh, Simon, has never really been able to relate to the living in either lives and carries his darkness into his undead state. The Undead Liberation Army gives him new purpose, but that’s soon challenged by Kieren who he’s infatuated with. There will be more spoilers about In The Flesh on the Gay Times website in May.

A few snippets from Emmett’s radio interview on Citybeat

Unfortunately I was out on Wednesday morning when Emmett was on the radio and was unable to record it but thank you to Sarah for these bits and pieces. I’m sorry this is not as exciting as hearing his lovely voice but this is the best I can do! 

  • He talked a little about playing Brendan and how it’s still flattering that people talk about him returning to Hollyoaks - his response being ‘never say never’.
  • After finishing The Fall he’s taking a bit of a break but we’re looking forward to hearing what he has got planned afterwards.
  • When asked who he’d love to work with he said Michael Fassbender and Matthew McConaughey, saying of recent movies he loved the recent award winners 12 Years A Slave, Dallas Buyer’s Club and American Hustle.
  • He said his part in Guardians of the Galaxy is very small and he might not be in the final cut (but as he’s in the trailer - fingers crossed). He talked about how much of a Marvel and comics fan he is.
  • He gave a lot of praise to In The Flesh’s first series and said lovely things about the crew. Thankfully we’ve only got a month to wait now! 
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