Hollyoaks Later: Andrew Still teases dark plot line (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW AND PICTURES)

First of all we asked Andrew what involvement does his character, Joel Dexter, have in the series:

“The series has an explosive start, with action right from the get go.  Joel’s mum has turned up in the village and it isn’t long before her violent husband, Joel’s stepdad, Mick, turns up looking for her.  Joel is still pretty angry with Brendan, and so he uses his stepdad to start playing people off against each other.  Of course it all back fires and it is left to Brendan to pick up the pieces, and to do this he ties up Mick and loads him in the car to teach him a lesson.  Unfortunately, at the same time, Cheryl, jumps in the car too as she has some sad news about a family member, but she doesn’t realise what’s going on at first.  Basically there is a huge chase involving everyone, there’s a lot of beatings, especially for Joel, and just generally all hell breaks loose!”

Obviously, your character is no stranger to the sort of life that the likes of Brendan lead, with Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) as Joel’s father, how much of the experience with his character did you draw back for Later?

“When I joined the show it was made clear that Joel was cut from kind of the same cloth as Warren, so to keep that in mind whilst developing his character.  Obviously Joel has shown a lot of Warren in him with his deviousness, but I think if you look to the route of all that behaviour, I think it’s more complicated than that.  I don’t think he is plain bad, but he has two very different sides, which are intertwined with each other.  There is the dark side of him, but that seems to be triggered by his child like vulnerable side. He has replaced Warren with Brendan, but has been faced with the same rejection, which brings out his darker side.  It’s like the way a kid would play up to get their father’s attention.  The story in this year’s Later highlights the strong links between Brendan, Walker and Joel, which was really interesting for me to play, it gets very interesting.  You will have to wait to see what happens, but at one point Joel decides to play detective, and it could be catastrophic!”

Do you think that this series will see Joel finally get the sort of relationship he wants with Brendan?

“I like the relationship between Brendan Brady and Joel, but these sorts of characters don’t have happy endings.  I think the best they can hope for is a blanket of status quo between them, they are like father and son, so they will be forever clashing heads, but overall I think things will be ok.”

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