Brendan Brady’s life will be left hanging in the balance following a huge explosion in the new series of Hollyoaks Later.

Airing in the final episode of the series, the explosion occurs after Brendan has already endured more than his fair share of late-night drama, twists and turns - many of which are being kept under wraps until transmission.

What’s clear as Brendan visits the beach house is that it holds some particularly bad memories for him, and as the turbulent events of Hollyoaks Later take their toll, he ends up letting out his frustrations by attacking a gas fireplace inside the cottage.

An emotional Brendan fails to realise that a pipe has given way following his reckless act, causing gas to be released quietly…

To make matters worse, scheming Walker (Neil Newbon) is also present at the house, and shortly after Brendan’s outburst, we can confirm that the Irishman will finally uncover his rival’s vengeful intentions.

Brendan has been growing increasingly suspicious of Walker, but before he can do anything about his shock discovery, the building suddenly blows to smithereens due to the damaged gas fire - sending him flying.

Soon afterwards, Cheryl is distraught to see that Brendan is in a terrible state. Will this be the end for him?

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