News Summary (23 Jan - 29 Jan)

Hollyoaks - Brendan Brady

  • Hey Big Spender! Lady Man in Red! It was music week on Hollyoaks. Well, not quite, but we did have our very own trumpet based number - Brendan serenading Darren in the village. It was definitely meddling week, this week. First Brendan had issues with Cheryl hanging out with the students (but this did lead to one of Chester’s best hook-ups: Charney!) and then he decided to tempt Darren back into gambling. He did this with a delicious red coat and red shirt. Was he playing the devil in Darren’s conscience this week? The flash Zara coat got a thumbs up from me, but feelings were mixed it seems! Catch up here.
  • That’s all we’ve got of Brendo until the 6th of Feb where he’s back working his socks off when Cheryl is too busy doing studenty things. 
  • This week in the Oaks sees the arrival of Aussie Ally who is set to be Ste’s new love interest (leaked on Twitter by a extra working on the show - oops!) so he’ll probably be involved with Brendan at some point.
  • Elsewhere in the Twitterverse Kieron Richardson tweeted about sitting alone in the greenroom with Emmett, learning their lines. Not sure if this means the scenes they were reading means scenes together but I’m sure we’ll find out at some point! 
  • Hollyoaks’ Karen Hassan (Lynsey) spoke fondly about being friends with Emmett off-screen in an interview she did for OK! Magazine

Charlie Casanova

  • No news as yet when Charlie Casanova is officially released in cinemas but there are news articles about its imminent release here and here. Emmett tweeted that the release is expected to be late Spring.
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